why do they call lil wayne tunechi

a person, male or female, who enjoys the merry sensation of a few drinks and a few spliffs. While intoxicated, he/she puts on an act or show for his/her surrounding peers or friends, that of which is not annoying or inappropriate, but hilarious, knee-slapping, and priceless.

Usually, the term tunechi can follow a another word, giving the person a unique nick name. (See examples). Also refers to someone who usually brightens up a party or someone who is the utmost reckless human being.

This person knows the logistics of Ratios, Pearling, and Partying very well.
Lil Wayne known as @ now on Twitter, had the cameras rolling on his final days of freedom before checking into Rikers Island on March 2nd.

DJ Scoob Doo recorded this clip of Weezy breaking down his nickname. I just opened that up, Weezy said.

I got almost 200,000 followers. I need more followers. I saw Drake had like 400,000 followers. I need more followers than Drake. Wayne then gave background on his nickname. My nickname is Lil Tune Б my grandmother named me that, he explained.

She s passed. My grandmother, her name was Mercedes Carter. She named me Lil Tune. We just threw the Chi on there. Like Gucci, I say Tunechi!