why does my girlfriend always get mad at me

My girlfriend said bye to me because I didn't reply her on Skype for 20 minutes. This is the stupid, she text-ed me like this:" Done. At least you needed to tell me that. I'm sick of being worry for you like this. Am I so stupid that you don't need to tell me anything? Done. Okay. Bye. Thank you". The reason for it was I was doing homework so I set busy (do not disturb, so if anyone send you message it will not announce you or anything). Then my brother asked me to borrow my laptop so I gave it to him and I continued with my homework until I got her message. I have tried to explain her about that then:" I don't wanna hear or read or something related to you now. Did you know how much I was worry for you? At least you needed to tell me something. Bye. "
Yesterday we were very happy together in the morning. Then in the evening, she told me that I cheated her and one of my friend has told her everything. Actually I just wanted to cheat her at first, but after many times we hung out together, I recognized how much she loves me and then I felt in love with her. When she knew the truth, She was so mad at me, her sister told me she cried a lot while she was chatting with me. I put my status that I have known who did that and I swear I will beat that person. She begged me not to do that. I explained her everything, I told her the truth. I said I know what I did was wrong. I didn't know that I would fall for her like this and I begged her please don't leave me. I told her how much she changed my daily routines, and I can not live without it. She forgave me after she read what I wrote. Today lunch time, we sat together and we were very happy. I don't understand why did she get mad at me with a very small thing like that. My girlfriend is freaking weird. I have been dating for one months and lots of thing happened. She always get mad at me even I treated her like a queen, She made me felt like I always wrong no matter how hard to try to pleased her. She has no reason to treat me this way, I usually do anything to avoid the fight with her until I have been pushed to my limit. Now she says "shut up" to me when I try to explain and sorry her. What should I do to make my girlfriend forgive me? I can't live without her. She is the most important thing with me. what should I say to her, to let her stop being mad at me or ANYONE because small things. She got mad at me for many times that even I couldn't count. Many guys at school like her, she knows it but she told me she only loves me. I don't understand why doesn't she endure her madness to make me happy instead of waiting for me to say sorry. I really don't want to hurt her, I love her. Okay hopeful someone can give me direction on where to take this relationship. My girlfriend is always mad at me (well thatБs the way she makes me feel) for no reason. Or maybe a reason I donБt see. She s easily gets upset at everything she is never happy. If a resturant doesn t have coke, it s a fit, and wastes so much engery over beging angry. Today we went out to eat along with other friends, and around other people Im pretty quiet; and I ate my plate, but I saw that my girlfriend was eating her fish, but couldnБt finish it.

And our friends commented Бyeah thereБs still more fish leftБ. Then when I said, Бyah thereБs a lot of fishБ she snapped and said, Бwell I offered you some and you didnБt want any! Б So first she gets upset at me in front of other people for no reason and then she says things that arenБt true. She never offered me fish. I swear she always does this. I feel like she got too comfortable with me and so gets mad at me. Treats me differently --well I mean differently like she is annoyed by me (or thatБs what I perceive). She always says something that isnБt true --like for example БI told you alreadyБ. Б When clearly, she never did. And I m well aware of girls out there always saying that guys donБt pay attention. But trust me I really do. I pay close attention to everything; its part of my career to do so. I even take notes sometimes of important dates or events, I carry my calendar with me and am always writing things down (of course she never notices it --I do it discreetly). Once I told her, Б please donБt expect me to read your mind because most of the time I canБt. Б So I try very hard to be nice and considerate, and stress free in her life, but she only seems to do the opposite in it and makes every matter difficult. She takes small matters and makes a big deal out of them --again I know girls are attentive to detail but seriously she gets mad at me for thinking the service was bad or voicing my opinion or that I though I had to pay a different amount. I was expressing gratitude to her the other day for her for pushing me to go to the doctor --told her that if it weren t for her I wouldn t have visited the doctor for my stomach flu. She responds, with a strong character well your dumb for not doing it. I seriously felt disrespected. She only gets mad when its me, and not at anyone else. When sheБs on her period, itБs the worse week. I just disappear for a couple days and she finally calls me like nothing happened. Sometimes I donБt even bother arguing with her anymore, because I know in some cases where she is 100% clearly wrong and says things that arenБt true. Seriously Im not crazy or a lunatic or anything I have my head on straight and analyze things pretty well. Is it just me? I mean is it me that im doing something wrong? Why doesnБt she act sweet like I do to her? Does she not see that? How can I talk to her without making her mad? Her brother even jokes around with me, that sheБs got an attitude and wonders why I am with her. And yes it makes me feel less of a man as if im scared of her or some psychological aspect on that. I am not. Sometimes I just donБt want to put up with her and her negative attitude. Man, I care about her I do, but all this is making me less and less attracted to her and I am getting sadden by that its a confusing feeling. Any thoughts would help. Im 28 and sheБs 30 if that matters.

Ok, so my girlfriend is always mad at me because she always assumes I'm doing something I'm not. The stupid thing about it is, all she has to do is ask and she'll know what I'm thinking and I'm doing - which usually is not what she thinks I'm doing. For example, today, she wanted to hang out but I told her I was hanging out with friends till 9ish and then working out after that. So the possible time for us to hang out was 10, though we never even set that time in stone. (I told her I'd call her after I was done) 11PM rolls around, I call her, asking if she wants to hang out and she's all mad at me and I'm pretty sure she thought I played video games or something from 9-10. But what actually happened was at 9-10 I was stuck in traffic and couldn't get to the gym. I didn't feel like telling her because a) she didn't ask and b) she was already mad at me so what the hell, that ain't going to change. Another time, she spent the night at my place. Before she went to bed, we talked about getting breakfast at this place in the morning. Morning rolls around, I suggest going to this place, and she doesn't feel it. But, I was starving, so I decided to go and make some breakfast at my place. She get's all mad at me all of a sudden and thinks that I want her to leave because I left my room to make breakfast while she was getting ready in my room. Ok, I didn't know I have to ask her to leave the room with me and update her on every little thing I was doing. Again, all she had to do was ask what I was doing and if I wanted her to leave, and she'd got her answer instead of assuming the wrong thing. At first, I tried to appease her and tried to limit the times she'd get mad by apologizing and what not, but it seems like she gets mad at every little thing. So now, I'm just like ok, It's your fault for always assuming the wrong thing and getting mad at me, so I'm just gonna let you get mad. Because when it comes down to it, I can accommodate her to some degree, but in the end, I still do what I do. And I'm not going to change something I find unreasonable or completely restructure my schedule when we didn't even set a solid time. And one last thing, she never comes up with dates or times. She suggests some things we should do, but she's never like, On wed we should go see a movie. I do all of it - which is fine - but that means I also get to set the time too (sorta). So she has no reason to complain that I called her late, when there wasn't even a set time I was supposed to call her. So I'm pissed off right now, and she's still mad at me for calling her 'too late' - even though I never gave her a time. So who's right? I'm pretty sure I am. And other ladies, do yall do this to your boyfriends too? And one more thing - she always tells me, oh, I don't want you to feel like your spending all your time with me when you want to hang with your friends but when I do hang with my friends, she gets mad at me. Seriously? If she's going to act like that, she's going to start getting mad even more often.

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