why do newborn babies cry in their sleep

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My baby boy is 2 weeks old and he does it all the time. it breaks my heart to see him make the crying face but after a. few. seconds he's fast asleep. I jst kiss his little cheaks so he knows I'm there. My baby girl is 3 weeks old today and she just started doing this the past few nights, I think it is normal now that I have read everyone else respond to this, I thought it was tummy pain at first cause it seemed like when she is gassy or poops but I think it could just be dreams too. hope it gets better. My 5 year old cries in her sleep but she and my other babies would always laugh in their sleep. My 6 month old sounds like she's having a good time because she's always laughing. I like to think that my gramdma (RIP) may have something to do with it! Love you grammy! Someone said their doctor said the baby dreamed of the mother going away; I think that's a wretched thing to tell a mother! Gosh! Make her feel even worse! How would anyone know what a baby dreams! It could be babies dream about giant poopy diapers that attack their favorite boob! Or babies might not have nightmares! My son cries a little just about every time I put him down; are you telling me he has a nightmare every time? Somehow I doubt it, and I certainly doubt that anyone could say what dream a baby dreams. Well, my baby did that too so don't worry. it is a phase. normally all newborns do that. My baby also gradually stopped crying but it will take time. so have patience. till then, read about baby care on various sites, it will help you understand your baby's problems and its solutions. You can go through babeezworld. com they also give good baby care tips. apparently, i asked my doctor about this. He said that it's completely normal, sometimes babies just have bad dreams of their mothers going away or not being close by. I freaked out when i heard my daughter do this every night for a few weeks. Rest your minds, sometimes they just cry for a few seconds and dose right back to sleep, if they don't and it lasts longer then a few mins, then you should hop up and make sure their okay :) I was just wondering the same thing (obviously your babies aren't newborns anymore). My baby boy does it ALL the time. Sometimes I leap up b/c he makes such a sad cry only to find that he is still fast asleep. It breaks my heart to think he might already be having bad/sad dreams!! I think your baby is having some gas problem. My boy was doing the same and when I started babies magic tea, he now sleeps quite well. Crying is a way of communication for babies as they do not know any other language by that time. They cry for their needs and ensure a response from their parents. Your baby relies on you to provide him with the warmth, comfort and food he needs. Why do babies cry anyway? Most of the times babies find it kind of hard to get to sleep, chiefly when they are over-tired. Sometimes it happens that your baby starts crying very loudly while sleeping. Parents go mad when their child starts crying in his sleep.

They start thinking, why do babies cry in their sleep and become concerned about it. My baby cries while he is asleep, is there a reason for that? Most infants have dreams just like us. Many dreams relate to their learning and processing experiences of the day. Most of the times they dream of their parents going away from them and they start crying in the dream. An infant has a lot going on in his mind. As he is experiencing a totally different world, it is pretty obvious to feel scared of some things. If your babyБs environment makes him feel secure, special and nurturing, he will face all the realistic disturbance that comes his way. When it comes to sleeping, your baby will find it hard to settle if he has received a lot of cuddles and attention from your loving family members or visitors. At this time, try to take your baby to a quiet and calm place, it will make him comfortable. What does night crier mean? If your baby is over 4 months old and cannot sleep during the night, he is a night crier. Night Crier is someone who wakes up and cries one or more time in the night. Parents get surprised at just how much their little one can make so much noise even while sleeping. You should check with a child specialist to make sure nothing is wrong. If your baby is healthy, then it is just not a big problem. Newborns neurological systems remain raw for a while as they are getting all their body systems regulated. It includes wake and sleep cycles also. That is why most of the times parents experience the semi-conscious state of their kid in which it is hard to decide if they are asleep or awake. It is very important to comfort your baby all through the first year. It is a very sensitive period for a kid. Until now, babies sleeping and crying problems have been bulged together. There is a growing evidence found by the researchers that they are different or separate issues. Recent studies have shown that, Б Infants, who cry a lot in the first 4-6 weeks, are not likely to bother their parents in the night at 3 months of age. Б In other words, they will not face sleeping problems. Waking up in the middle of the night is another problem parents face. Logically speaking, babies, who persist to breastfeed, will keep getting up during the night. There is a general explanation for it that, in comparison to other types of milk, breast milk is digested more swiftly in a babyБs stomach. This leads to him waking up because he is hungry in the night. Medical guidelines have proved that, Бbabies should continue to be fed breast milk until 6 months of age, so parents, who are doing that, can expect that their baby may continue to wake and signal at night until that age as part of normal development. Б What can I do to help my baby during these terrifying nights? There are lots of way in which you can help your baby during these night frights. Some of them are: Maintain your baby s health б Be aware that fevers can activate night terrors in those who are prone. So, try to take care of this. б In the early 3 months, your baby will start getting teething problems or discomfort.

It will continue till the 2-year molars. It disturbs your little one and he might feel irritated and start to cry. With your doctorБs advice, give appropriate doses of acetaminophen as it will help him get some relief. Try keeping the baby s room dust-free. Fix a routine б Be sure of your babyБs bedtime routine and do not try to change it. Sufficient sleep is important for your little one, make sure he doesn t get over tired as it will increase the chances of night terrors. б You should use opaque shades to block out the light and maintain darkness in the room when the baby sleeps. Try to keep yourself calm and considerate б Parents want to give every type of comfort to their children, but you cannot say anything about the night terrors or dreams. You can just make your baby feel loved by sitting beside him. б Try to keep the environment of your house very peaceful when your little one is sleeping. If he gets up accidentally, there will be more chances of night terrors. Make sure you pay extra care and take due precautions. Avoid stressing the baby Make sure that your kid is not exposed to any kind of emotional stresses or even parental loud voices. These kind of things disturb them. Try not to stay away from your home at nights if you have a baby at home. Have bedtime rituals Always try to implement a bedtime ritual like bathing and cuddling. It makes your baby feel more relaxed before going to the bed. б Try to continuously play the soundtracks of your kids favorite lullabies, so when he awakens, he can relocate himself to the familiar sound. Take care of his food intake Give your baby proper food and keep his tummy full. Small and frequent feeding is all your baby needs when it comes to food. That is why in the early months, babies feed at least every 3 to 4 hours at night and more often during the day. Change wet or soiled diapers Diapers can disturb your little ones sleep. Make sure you change the diaper in advance before his bedtime. If he is getting a night terror, do not try to wake him up forcefully from it. It can leave your baby extremely confused, sometimes even to the point of temporary amnesia. Should I use a humidifier for my baby? Doctor Miriam Schechter, MD, an attending pediatrician at the ChildrenБs Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York advices on humidifier that, Parents invest in a humidifier. This is something parents will get a lot of use out of. ThereБs no magic cure for a cold, but putting moisture in the air can loosen mucus and help it drain out a little better. A vaporizer can also soothe a sore throat. When buying a humidifier, choose a simple, inexpensive model. When patients ask whether to buy a cool mist or warm, I recommend cool mist for safety. The warm mists have a heating element; you donБt want a child to stick his hand in front of that hot steam or to knock it over. But a cool mist humidifier is something parents will find very useful. These were some reasons or ways which will help you to understand why do babies cry in their sleep and make you more concerned about your little oneБs health.

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