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No. 35: The Cars, Just What I Needed Top 100 Classic Rock Songs
by April 19, 2012 2:57 PM set the bar rather high for themselves with their 1978 self-titled debut: Out of the albums nine songs, seven of them remain AOR staples to this day. Perhaps the most indelible of those tunes, however, is Just What I Needed. This clear choice for our list crams together hooks in simple, yet inventive, ways. First, theres the staggered, stuttering intro splattered quarter notes and then clipped eighth notes punctuating concise, tick-tock guitar. Then, the songs tension increases as minimalist chords containing no more than several changes kick in and gradually pile up underneath the first verse. Things build even more before the second verse, thanks to the emergence of an unexpected curveball: a fuzzy keyboard line which languishes like a siren. That crucial element anchors Just What I Needed for the duration, as it unfolds into a rather biting tune.

The lust the narrator has for the mysterious object of his affection is obvious: I dont mind you coming here / Wasting all my time / Cause when youre standing oh-so-near / I kind of lose my mind. However, the chorus reveals more than a little arrogance if not disdain for this beautyon the protagonists part, as he asserts, I guess youre just what I needed / I needed someone to alternately feed, bleed and plead. Heartthrob bassist Ben Orr assumes lead vocal duties, which softens the tone of the song somewhat. Orr sounds like more a teenybopper singer than he does a muscular rocker, presaging new-waves embrace of unconventional masculinity. In fact, Just What I Needed is a bridge between the past and future: Classic rock-friendly riffs and unabashed expressions of lust cohabitate with power-pops brevity and new waves keyboard-pop.

Post-The Cars, mingling rock elements with electronic sounds became de rigeur. Even ragged rockers the Strokes, who in later years felt more like a Cars tribute band than one indebted to NYC hipsters,. Skip to: Subscribe to "The Cars" was one of THE albums in my college years. Listening brings back so many great memories of the times and the friends and the parties. My school was a small Catholic college without many traditions. But, one of the best of those traditions was the celebration of Groundhogs Day. I still remember drinking beers out around the bonfire in the cold early morning singing these songs along with all of my classmates. I agree with Pat from St. Paul, the best way to listen to these songs is in your car, windows down and the volume cranked up! Bill - Dallas, Tx

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