why would serum calcium be elevated in osteoporosis

This will blow your mind. If the idea that Saudi Arabia imports their camels is enough to make you question everything, you re not alone. Somehow the following 10 facts
are completely real. We would disprove each of them if we could, but the facts are the facts, and some are nearly impossible to wrap your head around. Be ready to share this with your friends, because it s unlikely that anyone you know would believe you even if you tried telling them, for example, that a turtle can breathe out of its butt. Wrangel Island was the last stretch of land to be inhabited by the wooly mammoth. This lonely island is about 1,000 miles northwest of Alaska and 87 miles north of eastern Russia. Despite only being the size of Delaware, it was once home to the last surviving members of the largest land mammals the Earth has ever seen. The last mammoths started to vanish after humans landed on the island around 1650 BC. Scientists suspect hunting and climate change led to their extinction. To put the time of their existence in context, the Giza pyramids were already more than 1,000 years old and the Egyptian pharaohs were halfway through their 3,000-year reign. Diamonds big enough to be mounted on a ring are falling from the skies of two planets in our solar system. Scientists poring over atmospheric data noticed that the effects from lightning storms on Jupiter and Saturn are turning descending soot into chunks of graphite, which quickly hardens into diamonds. Dr. Kevin Baines is certain that what his team found can be explained by basic chemistry. "People ask meвhow can you really tell? It all boils down to the chemistry. And we think we re pretty certain," he said. These diamonds have a short lifespan due to the planets atmospheres making life impossible to exist. The diamonds fall for thousands of miles before they are greeted by "hellish" high temperatures in a sea of liquid carbon. This ocean of carbon is heated by the planet s core, melting each diamond into a liquid upon impact. Turtles have a vent on their butts called a cloaca. It s used for passing eggs, using the bathroom, andвin the most extreme caseвenabling necessary oxygen to reach the turtle s blood. The Fitzroy River turtle s cloaca contains vascularized sacs helping oxygen reach its blood underwater. This turtle pumps water in and out of its cloaca where it can obtain two-thirds of its oxygen supply. So yes, this turtle can technically breathe underwater through its butt.

Saudi Arabian citizens love their camels. They race them and they eat them. However, Saudis would rather not eat their own camels. Most of the camels destined for restaurants and food markets come from Australia. "The Saudis do not have enough [camels] for their own consumption of meat," said Peter Seidel, head of the Central Australian Camel Industry. There are more than half a million feral camels currently living in Australia. "In the past they stayed in desert areas," Seidel said. "Now they are becoming more visible and can be a threat to wildlife. " The Australian camel takeover began in 1860 when Palestine and India imported around 10,000 camels to graze the outback. There are now hundreds of thousands of camels in the land down under, and they are are known to harass communities. An individual receiving a kidney transplant will get a new kidney placed inside their pelvis, but the original kidney isn t even removed. The new kidney is placed in the pelvis because the artery that carries the blood to the kidney and the vein that removes blood from it are surgically connected to two blood vessels inside the pelvis. But the tube that carries urine from the kidney is transplanted through an incision in the bladder. The odds of dying due to a shark attack are roughly 1 in 250 million. The odds of dying due to a vending machine accident are roughly 1 in 112 million. That means vending machines are twice as deadly as the biggest great white shark in the ocean. Remember this the next time the vending machine eats your 75 cents when you re trying to buy a Snickers bar. And be extra careful trying to shake the candy bar freeвit just might be the last thing you ll ever do. Scotland has had the same national animal since the 12th century. Back in those crazy days, ancient texts depicted the unicorn as the symbol of innocence and purity. Supposedly the unicorn was chosen as a diss to King James and England, whose own national animal is the lion. The lion and the unicorn are depicted in ancient text as bitter enemiesвthe unicorn ruling with harmony and the lion with might. The Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom of Great Britain still has both the unicorn and lion on its logo, showing that these former enemies now coexist in peace. Pluto was discovered in 1930 sitting comfortably behind Neptune as the ninth planet in our solar system.

In 2006, it was demoted for a few reasons, mainly because in all those years it still hasn t completed one orbit around the Sun. Pluto was ripped of its planetary status after the International Astronomical Union drafted new criteria detailing what should be called a planet and why. The third rule states that the planet must have "cleared the neighborhood" of its orbit, meaning the planet s gravity sweeps and clears space around it. Pluto does not abide by this rule, which explains why you now hear it referred to as a "dwarf planet. " Nintendo Koppai was a small business founded way back in 1889. The same company that would go on to entertain millions with Super Mario Bros. and hundreds of other titles started out producing Hanafuda cards. These were kid-friendly playing cards, which was a novel concept at the time because cards were predominantly used for gambling. By 1953, the company dominated the playing card industry and grew stronger by manufacturing plastic playing cards, which had never been done before. Hiroshi Yamauchi, the company s owner and highly influential figure in the gaming industry, struck a deal with Disney in 1959 to print cards with Disney characters on them, which helped to catapult Nintendo to household name status. The playing card business started to tank in the 1970s, causing Nintendo to experiment with electronic toys. The decision to start developing electronic gaming systems was timed perfectly with the rise of the video gaming industry on the horizon. We d like to think Betty White was one of the first people to ever conveniently eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich after the invention of sliced bread. Sliced bread was introduced in 1928 by Otto Frederick Rohwedder, changing how we eat sandwiches for the rest of time. This revolutionary invention was so amazing that it spawned the phrase, "it s the best thing since sliced bread. " Betty White was born in 1922, meaning she was a youngster at the same time that peanut butter rose to fame alongside the newly introduced sliced bread. What can I do? Please try again in a few minutes. Contact your hosting provider letting them know your web server is not completing requests. An Error 522 means that the request was able to connect to your web server, but that the request didn't finish. The most likely cause is that something on your server is hogging resources.

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