why would a man lie about his age

Since so many people have responded with how they feel about liars, let me be Devil's Advocate. There is the possibility that he read your profile (something I haven't done yet) and saw that he was outside your desired age range, yet felt that he connected with you on the other levels enough to contact you and see what you thought. You responded and liked his "presentation" well enough to go out with him. something that might not have ever happened had he been forthright and given you his actual age. This leads to the question, does a person's age really change their personality or the way they treat other people? Is there enough "good" in him to off-set the age thing? Personally, I think that age gets far too much attention. If two people enjoy each other's company and can communicate, then should age be an issue??? I don't think so, as long as the two ages are within the limits set forth in law.

However, possibly negating everything above, I do not like liars either.
Shame on you! ha ha! I caught it Molly, but maybe only because the man who has treated me with the greatest of all things: Unmovable loyalty, Love that is deeper than I even think I deserve, faithfulness that 9000 female temptations can't budge, and the kind of Respect that "only" a person of true Gold character even knows how to possess let alone display, is 19 yrs older than me. When girls says, I would "never" date an older man who could be my father, I don't even bother to respond but am just thinking, okee do kee then, keep on making your assessments and judgements based on external factors and let me know if/when you find a Good one. And I say that today because I have also seen that there are just as well older men who are not fit to "ever" treat any one woman right for any extended period while there are some young guys even today who would be worth "holding onto" for dear life!

Age anymore isn't a great determiner of who the best man is or who a good candidate is either. So that if this 43 yr old man is a true sweetheart then you "enjoy" the benfits of wisdom and maturity and think nothing of the external factor that he thought you were so great that he didn't want to risk not having a chance! If he likes me that much then I'll take him anyday over a guy of "any" age who doesn't think I am the best girl in the world ha ha! If he's way younger and a Good one, then you just adjust the things you Love and choose to enjoy and value the strengths of a young man. Good benefits either way as long as he is made of Gold, and that goes for women too, and why would any of us want any less that pure gold?

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