why the us should intervene in syria

In the meantime, the war is bursting beyond Syrian borders. Millions of Syrians have fled their homes, straining resources and occasionally raining fire into Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and even Israel. The Middle East remains the most explosive region of the world. It produces a big portion of oil supplies and it lies at the crossroads of global commerce. This is the last place to allow a wildfire to spread before trying to affect its direction and ultimately extinguish it.
Convening such a coalition would be difficult.

It would be even more difficult to decide ahead of time what sort of government we would impose on the area. It is an axiom of history -- one we ignored to our sorrow in our second invasion of Iraq -- that bad government is preferable to no government.

We could never accept Assad's government, but we would have to replace it with something credible. That would be the ultimate test of our wisdom and resolve. Lt. Gen. Clarence E. "Mac" McKnight, Jr. , (USA-Ret) is the author of "From Pigeons to Tweets: A General Who Led Dramatic Change in Military Communications," published by The History Publishing Company.

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