why is there so much dust in my apartment

Dust with microfiber cloths. Not all dusting cloths are made alike. If dust is an issue in your house, it might be time to spring for a microfiber dusting cloth. This fabric is designed to trap dust and hold it. Using an old t-shirt or towel tends to move the dust around rather than actually getting rid of it. Same goes for feather dusters - your furniture will look cleaner, but the dust particles have simply moved into the air. Use microfiber cloths to dust all surfaces where dust tends to accumulate, like the top of your mantel, desk, side tables, and so on. Wet cloths tend to collect dust better than dry cloths, so when you're dusting furniture that isn't wooden, try wetting the cloth first. Wash microfiber cloths immediately after dusting to get rid of everything the cloth collected. Don't use dryer sheets when you run them through the dryer, though; fabric softener reduces the cloths' capacity to hold the dust.
If your house is an old one, it can be the cause of a lot of dust, as timber and paint etc dry out.

If your house is located in a windy area, the wind will carry with it a lot of dust. Is there insulation in the ceiling which might be beyond its use-by date? Are the carpets very old - if so, both it and the underlay might be in need of replacing - they will throw up a lot of dust every time you walk on it. If you don't have a lot of lawn or gardens, you won't get much protection from dust. If you live in or near an industrial area, or where there are busy roads, you'll get a lot of dust. If the house is build up on stumps, with just dirt underneath, you might get little wind eddies under there which throw up a lot of dust.

Is there a large construction site in the area somewhere, which could be throwing up a lot of dust? Remember, dust can travel hundreds of miles, so take note of wind direction and see where it might be coming from. Also, if you have that much dust, make sure to clean the backs of refrigerator and other electrical appliances on a regular basis, or you may have a potential fire-danger. And if you use a clothes-dryer a lot, that could definitely be a cause. Try hanging clothes outside to dry and see if it makes a difference. Also check that your vacuum cleaner is working properly. The brushes might be clogged, the fanbelt may need changing, the dust-bag may need emptying more often, or it may simply be an inefficient design, spreading more dust than it collects.

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