why is my period a week early and heavy

Me and my partner have been trying for a year after I came off the pill. I have had a few health problems in the last few years (eating disorder) and was never regular as a teenager before going on the pill at 18 for 6 years, so was expecting it to take a while. I'm currently undergoing investigation for unusual bleeding, as I was bleeding on/off heavy/light pink/brown/red bleeding for 10 weeks, but my gynaecologist said to keep trying. I've had swabs and a smear and everything seems normal. I have had a thankful 2 week break from bleeding, and after 10 days I had what I thought and hoped was ovulation. I've been feeling a bit off since and have had a few aches downstairs and tender breasts and a loss of appetite and a bit of nausea. I started bleeding on Thursday. This was a few spots of dark brown in the daytime which stopped. I was clean all evening, but bled a bit more on friday daytime, again brown but a bit clumpy, again on saturday but with a bit of fresh watery blood.

Yesterday I had an episode of very heavy bleeding, it was dark red almost brown, an egg white stretchy texture but smelt of fresh blood - i. e. that rusty mettalic smell. It was about a tablespoon worth in one go, and then a bit more when wiped a couple more times. I've never had that amount of kind of bleeding ever so I have no idea what it was. Today (monday) I have had a small amount of bleeding but not heavier than a pantyliner can cope with. My partner and I had intercourse when I thought I was ovulation (a bit of an ache, egg white CM) and the day after, so I thought this may be the month. I came on a week early to when I predicted (on a 28 day cycle after I finished bleeding) with this unusual bleeding. Just wondered if anyone can shed any light, I haven't done a pregnancy test as I was a week 'early' if this is a period. I have an ultrasound on the 12th and I am booked for a laproscopy on the 16th Dec to see if I have endometriosis or anything else wrong with me.

Should I ring my gyno about this weird bleeding or is it just a heavy period, or a chemical pregnancy?? Would appreciate any support.
I had a bright red and somewhat heavy implantation bleeding (this is what the books say is normal for implantation bleeding), which then turned to a period type bleed for at least another 4 days. Just before the bleeding began I had an extremely sharp pain occur. But this happened around a week after I was due for period. My husband and I were trying for a baby, so as soon as I was one day late I took a test and it was positive. I didn't know anything about implantation bleeding and thought I must have miscarried, especially because the bleeding went longer than the books described. Have you had any other symptoms? Tender nipples, metallic tasting food, bloated feeling, needing to wee regularly? These are early early pregnancy symptoms.

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